Dienstag, Mai 12, 2020

Counting people as passersby, viewers or visitors and following their paths in a sales location, has always been a goal of many industries – from sales psychologists to DOOH networks.

In times of Covid-19, counting people in a certain area, for example customers in a store, visitors of a venue or in a government office has become a necessity, often even by law.

I have seen a lot of smart / less smart, ugly / less ugly solutions, based on sensors and cameras. They all have their very own advantages and especially face tracking works quiet well. However, they have a lot of disadvantages too. Problems arise with security, privacy rights, multiple entrances or even no entrances at all, accuracy, installations in door areas where there is no preparation for this kind of installation and many more.

In this white paper I want to introduce you to a third way – apart from sensors and cameras – which works surprisingly well when all you need is a number: phone tracking ...

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